Making Compliance Easy

Legitab will provide your organisation with a solution for managing and demonstrating compliance with Legal and Other requirements to which your organisaiton is obligated

How does it work?

This is an App, which for a one off cost, will be installed by our BlueBox Logic Team onto your Office365 platform and will be available for you to use without any further subscription required.

There is a subscription fee of £75 per month* for access to our legal database which will provide you with up to date summaries and duties with “non legal”, “down to earth” explanations of the requirements.

The purpose of this subscription is for you to easily evaluate your obligations to the legal requirements.

You can cancel this subscription at any time without obligation but we do offer an annual subscription at a reduced cost**

*This is approx. 50% cheaper than other leading legal update subscriptions **£600 per year which is equal to £50 per month – prices exclusive of VAT

I have an ISO Certificate, what are the benefits of this system?

Legitab has been developed especially for organisations with ISO Certifications such as ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 etc. Using our combined 20 years experience as System Managers and Certification Body Auditors we have developed a product which we believe will satisfy both sides of the audit table.

The system is easy to use. We will provide you with access to a database of current UK Legislation which our consultants have written in an easy to understand way and will keep you up to date with any changes.

When we initially install your system we will give you the personal touch of understanding your legal obligations and populating your new system with legal requirements which we think you will be obligated. You can add as many legal or other obligations as you wish and you can even ask an expert to add more obscure legal regulations which you cannot find on our system and provide you with easy to understand information.

Once you have your Legal Register you can then link to your Interested Parties, set your Compliance Status, set evaluation dates and complete Evaluation of Compliance.

Your compliance dashboard will give you information at a glance of the status of compliance and evaluation and highlight any new requirements which have been added or updated internally by your team.

Why is this different from other Legal Compliance Subscriptions?

There are many Legal Compliance Systems currently on the market and many of these are excellent sources of up to date legislative information. Some of these products provide the user with the ability to create a personalised Legal Register and add information such as actions, controls and interested parties.

This is integral with your management system and not a stand alone solution

Unlike these subscriptions however, we believe, that Legitab is the only system on the market where your data belongs to you and in the event you decide to end your subscription you will have 100% ownership of your Compliance information and you will still be able to continue using it and editing it without any interruption to your previous data.

System Requirements

To utilise this system all users will need to have a subscription to Office 365 for business